Causes: The cause of ankylosing spondylitis is unknown, but both genetics and environmental aspects play an important role. The main gene associated with contracting this is called HLA-B27. This particular disease affects majorly young males (Men are affected three times more than women) between the ages of 20-30 years but has a lasting effect and […]

Causes and Symptoms :  ACL injuries occur during sports and activities involving the knee to extend beyond capacity thereby causing excessive strain to the ligaments. Sports (football, basketball, acrobatics) that involve hasty movements or change of direction or getting directly hit on the knee by external forces- are major causes of it. Other causes can […]

What is Osteonecrosis? Osteonecrosis is a type of bone disorder which develops in the bone if the blood supply to it gets affected. As the bone does not get sufficient blood the bone cells begin to die and are not regenerated as natural. This leads to gradual destruction of the bone. Osteonecrosis, also known as […]

What is Tachycardia? Tachycardia is one of the rare forms of cardiac (heart) conditions. This causes the heart beat to increase in frequency at levels that are above the normal level even when the body is at rest. This condition may cause the heart rate to increase in either the upper or lower chambers, or […]

What is Dialysis? The kidneys are some of the most important pair of organs in the body. They are located at each side of the spinal column and are about the size of your fist. The pair of kidneys functions by filtering out excess fluid and impurities from the blood system. In some cases, the […]

What is Hiatal Hernia? Hernia is the condition in which an internal part of the body encroaches on to the surrounding area. The hiatus is the opening in the muscular wall (diaphragm) which separates the abdominal cavity from the chest cavity. In normal condition the diaphragm has a single opening for the food pipe (esophagus) […]

What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral palsy is a neuromuscular disorder which affects the patient’s posture, muscle tone or movement abilities. This is mostly caused due to abnormal development of the brain during pregnancy. The signs and symptoms of this disorder are mostly seen developing during infant years or the start of childhood. A child with […]

Erectile dysfunction is also known as ‘impotence’ (or‘ED’). It is the failure to achieve an erection when stimulated and to maintain it for a sufficiently long period of time to perform sexual intercourse properly.

What is Webbed Fingers Surgery? The medicinal term for webbing of the fingers is syndactyly. One in each 2,500 infants is born with webbed fingers or toes, making this a genuinely basic condition. Webbed fingers happen when tissue interfaces two digits together. In uncommon cases, the fingers or toes are associated with bone. Syndactyly or […]

What is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis is a dangerous and disabling disease. It is seen to affect the spinal cord and the brain, which make the central nervous system. In this disease the immune system starts to attack the protective myelin sheath which cover the nerve fibers and help the brain to communicate with the […]

What is Aortic Stenosis? Aortic stenosis, also known as aortic valve stenosis, is a cardiac (heart) disorder. This condition causes the narrowing of the aortic valve in the heart. This narrowing affects the blood being supplied from the heart to the other parts of the body. The narrowing of the aortic valve tends to put […]

A total hip replacement can calm agony and re-establish ordinary capacity in patients whose hip joint has been damaged by disease or injury. The anterior approach is a way to deal with the front of the hip joint instead of a horizontal (side) way to deal with the hip or posterior approach. Area of Entry […]

What is Brace (Orthotic) Treatment for Scoliosis? A brace (orthotic) treatment for scoliosis is useful in preventing spinal curve advance and also to maintain the normal appearance of the back. The main aim of the brace treatment for scoliosis is to prevent the spinal curve from worsening. Although brace does not correct the spinal curve […]

What is Sciatica? Sciatica is the pain which is typically seen advancing gradually along the sciatic nerve. This nerve is located in the lower back region and spreads outwards to the hips and buttocks and then down each leg. Sciatica is commonly found to affect any one side of the body. This condition is mostly […]

What is Levoscoliosis? Levoscoliosis is a type of scoliosis. In scoliosis, the spine gets deformed and an abnormal curvature in the spine can be seen. When scoliosis causes a part of the spine to bend to the left this condition is known as Levoscoliosis. Levoscoliosis is mostly seen in the lumbar (lower) spinal region. This […]

Lesionectomy A lesionectomy is an operation to expel an injury – a harmed or strangely working region – in the cerebrum. Consequently, surgery may likewise incorporate the expulsion of a little edge of tissue around the sore known as lesionectomy. A sore appears to bring about seizures in around 20% to 30% of individuals with […]

What is Annular Tear? Annular tears occur when the tough outer covering of the vertebras, known as the annulus fibrosus, gets damaged. This covering protects the inter-vertebral discs which act as cushions between the vertebras and support the spinal column as well. Extreme stress or strain on the inter-vertebral disc due to repetitive action, such […]

What is Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy? As a person ages, the spine is likely to develop certain changes that degenerate the vertebrae. This causes the spinal canal to get restricted and narrowed. As this condition progresses further it may result in constricting the spinal cord and complications with coordination of the arms and legs. Cervical […]

What are Glomus Tumors? Glomus tumors, also known as ‘paragangliomas’, are slow-developing and mostly benign tumors that are seen growing in the carotid artery in the neck, in the middle ear or below the middle ear in the jugular bulb. Although, Glomus tumors are mostly benign, they may cause damage to the surrounding tissue as […]

What is Spinal Stenosis? Spinal stenosis is the condition which causes the abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of the space within the spinal canal. This restriction of the spinal canal puts undue pressure on the vital motor nerves that originate from the spinal cord and are responsible for control of the limbs. Spinal stenosis is mostly seen […]

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