Goa is an Medical Tourism Hot-Spot

Goa is quite a small state within India but has a lot of hidden surprises to enchant foreign tourists. Since years it has attracted tourists worldwide for its beautiful sand beaches, churches, ancient architectures & exotic cuisine. Now there is one more attraction to offer & that is specialized healthcare tourism. This booming medical sector has already put Goa on the world map. Every year about 250,000 tourists visit this western coastal destination, of which 1/3 witness its sun-kissed beaches & others go for various medical procedures. Goa’s typical European ambiance has sound infrastructure & strong hospitality factor which supports both leisure & health care industry.There are many cities in India for medical procedures, however, this state is less polluted & congested compared to others & foreigners flock here in large numbers.

Various medical procedures are easily available in Goa because people here are multi-ethnic & follow latest cosmetic trends. The surgeries & medical procedures like weight reduction or bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, liposuction, knee & spine surgeries, dental procedures & reconstructive plastic surgeries are far cheaper in Goa compared to western countries; it just cost 1/4th. The procedures are performed by finest doctors who are internationally trained in US, Europe & UK. Goa’s top hospitals such as Vrundavan Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Vintage Hospital, Apollo Victor Hospital & NUSI Hospital have all the medical facilities& in-patient care at par with international standards of health care. They offer a wide spectrum of treatments for all disorders & diseases related to cardiology, gastroenterology, ENT, nephrology, neurosurgery, oncology, urology & much more specialized areas. The biggest credibility of these hospitals state-of-the-art infrastructures supporting latest technology & modern equipment. A multi-talented staff consisting of well-qualified nurses & doctors who attend their patients around the clock.

The ancient Indian healing system “Ayurveda” which deals with both preventive & curative aspects of health is also available at many resorts & spas in Goa. They provide a wide range of authentic treatments & therapies in a tranquil & relaxing environment. The doctors & masseurs are highly qualified & provide a range of therapeutic measures with specialized care to combat various illnesses & post-surgery stress. The total clean-up process rejuvenates your physical, mental & emotional well-being making you stress-free. Health tourism today is an amalgamation of medical treatment, leisure, wellness & recuperation. It offers an opportunity to get away from your busy schedule to come, relax & undergo a variety of medical procedures.

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