Planning a Medical Travel with Travcure is simple

Here's how the whole thing works

Step 1

Visit our website.
Go through the content.
& Request a FREE QUOTE.

Step 2

After going through your message
we get back to you with list of

Step 3

Your reports are studied
by highly experienced

Step 4

Choose from range of
treatment Packages based on
your budget and preferences

Step 5

Reserving Medical Appointments
Deposit 10% amount to
pre-book appointments

Step 6

Pick a package and we will
assist you with process of
getting a Medical Visa

Step 7

Plan your travel
with us and fly to your
Medical Destination

Step 8

Get treated by your preferred
Doctor/Surgeon at your
preferred location

Step 9

Stay in 3/5 Star Hotels
till you are advised to
return home healthier

Step 10

Rediscover yourself
and return home healthier

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