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Mini Abdominoplasty Cosmetic SurgeryWhat is a Mini Abdominoplasty?

A mini abdominoplasty surgery is also known as ‘scar-less tummy tuck procedure. It Is a less invasive and less extensive procedure as compared to a full abdominoplasty. This is suitable for patients who have a considerably smaller amount of fat deposit around the stomach region.

What happens in a Mini Abdominoplasty surgery?

A mini abdominoplasty (or partial abdominoplasty) requires the surgeon to put you under general anesthesia, although it is also done under mild sedation or local anesthesia in some cases. The extent of the incision depends on the amount of fat deposit and the skin required to be removed. It is for this reason that it is also known as ‘scar-less tummy tuck’ procedure. The steps involved in the mini abdominoplasty are:
  • A small incision is made in to lower abdominal area.
  • The fat and skin in this region is detached from the muscle fascia only as much is required and the skin is stretched taut over the abdomen with the excess skin removed.
  • The surgeon will not be required to reposition the belly button in most cases.
  • At times the surgeon might be required to tighten the abdominal muscle fascia wall as well.
  • Sometimes the surgeon might advise liposuction procedure in combination with mini abdominoplasty.
  • The flap of the abdominal skin is sewn back in place.
The surgeon may be required to place a drainage tube sat the site of incision to help remove excess fluid.

Am I a candidate for Mini Abdominoplasty surgery?

The doctor will perform a physical examination to determine the amount of fat deposit on the abdominal area. If the fat deposit is found to be less and the abdominal muscle wall is less protruding then you are likely to be considered as an ideal candidate for a mini abdominoplasty procedure. If your abdominal area begins to sag as a sign of aging or if you have a slim abdomen and would like to shape it into a more attractive look then also you can be determined to be a candidate for a mini abdominoplasty.


What is the recovery period for a Mini Abdominoplasty surgery?

A person undergoing the mini abdominoplasty procedure can be discharged in the same day as most partial abdominoplasty procedures are done on an outpatient basis. The recovery can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks, as seen in a liposuction procedure. Post-operative pain is relieved using painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

What are the risks and complications involved in a Mini Abdominoplasty?

As with most surgical procedures the patient faces the risk of certain complications which might, or might not, arise after the surgery, such as:
  • Infection – The doctor will prescribe antibiotics to be taken for a while after the surgery for mini andominoplasty to reduce the chances of infection.
  • Blood Clot – This is not a greater risk as blood clot forms due to prolonged inactivity but as the mini abdominoplasty procedure does not require extended recovery time the chances of a blood clot are very rare.
  • Skin necrosis – Dead skin is rarely caused due to a mini abdominoplasty.
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