Indian country is globally acknowledged as one of the best healthcare tourism destinations. India offers finest medical treatments and provisions at most reasonable prices. A majority of Indian hospitals and clinics provide a large range of treatments in the field of cardiac care, eye treatments, cancer treatments, cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, orthopedic surgeries and a […]

Brain Awareness Week Campaign brings together scientists, researchers, neuroscientists, doctors, families, schools, and communities. Brain Awareness Week is officially observed from March 13-19, 2017. Brain awareness week is a world-wide event, reaching large audiences across the globe. Hundreds of events take place in over 60 countries participating in Brain Awareness. Brain Awareness Week is all […]

Kidneys are primarily responsible for filtering excessive fluids and flush out waste material present in blood and assist in producing urine. Kidneys are also instrumental in controlling and regulating high blood pressure which enables the body to remain strong, fit and healthy. They are also responsible for regulating and maintaining normal blood pressure, electrolyte balance, […]

Epilepsy is one of the most common central nervous system disorders that affect nearly 65 million people across the globe. According to recent reports, it is the fourth most occurring neurological disorder after migraine, stroke & Alzheimer’s disease. Recurrent & unprovoked seizures are the main symptoms of epilepsy. Seizure can be explained as a rapid […]

World Cancer Day, in fact, is a great collective opportunity for us where we can examine strategies designed for controlling cancer & to identify winning means & methods which can accelerate progress in treatment options for cancer. However, goal of this endeavor is to ensure that the number of people developing cancer drops with successful […]

Medical Tourism which is trending nowadays refers to the practice of visiting different countries for availing best healthcare facilities at economical prices. Billions of patients world-wide are crossing borders for obtaining excellent medical procedures. Nations like India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Korea & Germany are considered to be some of the key destinations for […]

Travcure Medical Tourism has developed a comprehensive program to guarantee a safe and pleasurable Medical Retreat. Please take the time to review this valuable data. Travcure understands you have a choice in which medical tourism company you use. So, we would like to show you the value of our services, up-front, to support you realize the significance […]

Travcure was created to fill a crucial void in the Indian and International healthcare systems. Access to affordable and timely health care our primary target is to provide a safe, affordable, and convenient option for health care to Indian as well as to our international guests. More specifically, to help uninsured, under-insured, or those stuck […]

Globalization of healthcare industry & growing demand for cost effective-high quality medical provisions in recent times has caught the attention of developing nations that have sufficient resources & potential to meet these demands of patients from all across the globe. Today, healthcare tourism has become a mainstream practice since a massive number of patients around […]

Nagpur– the city of oranges is a trending sensation in the world of medical tourism. With the highest number of patients from all over the globe are turning to the city to seek medical help making it the next medical hub in India. Nagpur is obliged to have the most experienced, highly talented and best […]

12th to 20th October Rigid bones are required for body strength, but if skeleton merely consisted of just one solid bone, any movement would have been impossible. In order to overcome this factor, nature has provided a solution by dividing skeleton into several bones along with joints where bones intersect. Joints are basically functional articulations […]

Generally, health care services prices rise when demand is found to increase in relation to supply. However, there are other forces also which play part & influence cost of healthcare. Political decisions like increased regulations & additional taxes can also impact cost of healthcare. Best example is the infamous ‘Boob Tax’ imposed on cosmetic surgery […]

16th to 24th June Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages, characterized by unpredictable seizures and can cause other health problems. The seizure types and control vary with individuals. The Epilepsy National Week aims to involve people and celebrate Epilepsy Week to increase awareness about the condition with […]

19th June, 2016 Sickle cell disease is one of the most prevalent and dangerous blood disorder known. It affects millions of people worldwide in a year and causes widespread anemia. It is important to known about this blood disorder in order to help prevent it as well as to help in raising awareness about its […]

7th June 4, 2016 Scoliosis is one of the most dangerous and disabling spinal diseases. It causes the spine to twist sideways and is seen during the growth spurt of the child mostly. Thousands of children and teenagers get affected by this bone disorder around the world every year. Even though the exact causes for […]

4th June, 2016 The National Cancer Survivors Day is annual designated day that falls annually on the first Sunday of June. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the dangers and troubles of cancer and the difficulties that a cancer survivor has gone through to beat the disease. The first National Cancer Survivors Day was […]

3rd June, 2016 Wockhardt Group of Hospitals is the 5th largest and one of the leading healthcare facilities in India. The Wockhardt Hospitals, located in more than 9 different locations across the western India region, are finest examples of state-of-the-art medical and surgical technology combined with the expertise of India’s most experienced doctors and extensively-trained […]

12th May 2016 Bladder cancer is the form of cancer that affects the cells of the bladder in a person.  These affected cells continue to grow abnormally and soon form a tumor in the bladder. This is the most common type of bladder cancer known as transitional cell cancer. The exact cause of bladder cancer […]

7 May 2016 – Travcure, India’s largest medical tourism service provider, and Max Hospitals, the largest Group of Hospitals in India, have announced their decision to join forces in order to provide efficient, advanced and affordable world-class healthcare and treatment to every patient in India. This tie-up between Travcure and Max Hospitals is being deemed […]

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