Breast cancer is a serious health condition that occurs due to development of abnormal cells and tissues in breasts and surrounding regions. This cancer is not restricted to women, it can affect men as well. Just like other types of cancers, it is also a life-threatening disease and requires early treatment for complete relief. Chances […]

Also known as ‘epilepsy’, seizure is a neurological health condition that mainly arises due to disturbance in activity of cells present in an individual’s brain. It may lead to uncontrollable shaking and other similar sensations in patient’s body. Seizures may affect anyone despite their age and occur at any instant. They may prove life-threatening if […]

Stroke is a serious condition that demands an immediate medical attention. Cells and tissues in brain need a consistent supply of oxygenated blood for staying active and healthy. Stroke occurs when cells in brain of an individual begin to die due to severe shortage of oxygen and nutrients enriched blood. There are primarily three major […]

Nervous system plays an integral role in controlling entire functioning of our body. It is composed of two parts namely – central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Central nervous system regulates the activities of brain and spinal cord. Whereas, peripheral nervous system regulates all the remaining nerves of body. It interconnects the nerves with […]

Childhood is a crucial phase because physical and psychological development during young age impacts overall life of an individual. Serious neurological impairments in children can limit their physical as well as mental growth and make them dependent on others for performing self-care tasks. Pediatric neurosurgery is a medical intervention which is used for treating nervous […]

Neurosurgery is a branch of medical science which primarily deals with treatment of various disorders that involves abnormalities in brain, nerves and spine. Neurological disorders may emerge due to various reasons such as faulty genes, physical injuries, improper lifestyle and environmental influences. They may adversely impact physical as well as psychological state of being of […]

The term ‘pediatric brain tumors’ basically signify brain tumors that affect children and young teens in their adolescence period. These tumors usually arise due to growth and accumulation of abnormal and harmful cells in their brain and nearby areas. It is extremely crucial to diagnose and treat such tumors at the earliest. Otherwise, they may […]

Blood vessels are thin tube-like structures which are mainly responsible for transportation of oxygenated blood throughout the body. Arteries, capillaries, veins and sinusoids are the four major blood vessels that form circulatory system and maintain normal flow of blood in body. Any type of blood vessel disorder can negatively impact the regular blood circulation process […]

Spine serves the purpose of providing support to entire body structure. A healthy spine is extremely crucial for performing self-care activities and routine tasks such as walking, bending, running and climbing stairs. Any type of spinal disease or spinal fracture can adversely affect the normal functioning of spine and result in back pain. Sometimes, back […]

Sweat glands play a vital role in maintaining good condition of body. There are two types of sweat glands in our body namely – apocrine and eccrine sweat glands. Apocrine sweat glands are located in armpit region. Whereas, eccrine glands cover areas such as hands, scalp and soles of feet. These glands are mainly responsible […]

Facial nerves play an important role in terms of receiving signals from brain and controlling facial expressions of an individual. They are interconnected with various regions around face including ear canal, saliva glands, and tears glands. These facial nerves help a person to express inner emotions by allowing them to laugh, smile, or cry. They […]

Brain tumors arise due to accumulation of abnormal tissues and cells in brain and its surrounding areas. They may deteriorate normal functioning of brain over a period of time. Persistent nausea, frequently occurring headaches, changes in personality, undesired behavioral changes, confusion are some of the prominent warning signs of brain tumors. An open brain surgery […]

Spine plays a key role in providing stability to entire body. It enables a person to perform everyday tasks such as running, climbing stairs, standing, sitting or exercising in a smooth way. Although spinal structure is composed of strong bones, any type of deformity in spine can lead to serious disabling conditions. In initial stages, […]

Movement disorders refer to certain neurological conditions that adversely affect quality, speed, and efficiency of movement in an individual. Movement disorders emerge when a specific region of brain that regulates and controls voluntary actions of an individual gets weakened or damaged. Most of the movement disorders are progressive in nature. They may result in loss […]

Brain is the main organ of human body as it regulates entire body mechanism and helps an individual to think, act, and function properly. Any abnormality in brain such as a brain tumor can adversely affect its normal functioning and result in severe disability. Brain tumors arise due to accumulation of abnormal cells in an […]

Chiari malformation is a health condition which occurs when lower portion of an individual’s brain descends into the spinal cord. Such a problem is likely to arise during developmental stages of a child. It is observed that, in most cases, it does not create any significant health issues. However, in some cases, it may affect […]

Hip joint is one of the strong joints in body as it provides support and stability to entire body. A healthy hip enables patients to perform activities such as climbing stairs, running, sitting, and exhausting physical tasks. However, hip pain has become a common reason for concern nowadays. It can degrade quality of hip joint […]

Brain is a complex yet most powerful organ which regulates entire body including the way an individual thinks and behaves. Any abnormality in functioning of brain can result in serious complications including stroke. Carotid arteries are the major blood vessels that constantly feed fresh oxygenated blood to brain and helps it to function properly. They […]

Uterus is one of the strong reproductive organs in women. It plays a key role in holding fetus or baby during pregnancy. Endometrial cancer is a serious health condition that arises due to development of harmful and malignant cells on the outer layer of uterus which is called as ‘endometrium’. This cancer is also referred […]

A healthy brain is essential for regulation of entire body. Carotid arteries play a vital role in maintaining a good condition of brain. There are two carotid arteries which are present on either side of neck. Brain needs a constant supply of blood to function properly. These arteries supply oxygen and nutrients rich blood to […]

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