Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

mini-gastric-bypass-surgeryA mini gastric bypass surgery is one of the most preferred and widely-used surgical weight-loss procedures. This surgery is a restrictive type of surgery that aims to reduce the volume of the stomach and to reconnect the small intestine directly with the smaller stomach pouch. This is now becoming a widely-used surgical weight-loss procedure for people who are morbidly obese (BMI of 40 or higher) and the various other non-surgical weight-loss methods have been unsuccessful in satisfyingly reducing their weight.

How Mini Gastric Bypass surgery works?

A mini gastric bypass surgery is a more simple and low-risk surgical weight-loss procedure that has been found to be effective in inducing long-term weight loss. A mini gastric bypass surgery is aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach by creating a long and narrow tube of it along the lesser curvature (right border). The larger portion of the stomach thus gets completely partitioned and isolated. The other end of this smaller stomach is attached around 6 feet lower than normal to the small intestine. The reduced volume of the stomach helps reduce the amount of food intake and thus lesser calories get created by the body. This surgical method, along with the necessary lifestyle changes, helps reduce your weight in significant ways.

Mini Gastric Bypass surgery procedures

A mini gastric bypass surgery is one of the less complex surgical weight-loss assisting procedures. This surgery aims to reduce the size of the stomach and reattaching the lower end after bypassing most the smaller intestine. This surgery can be performed using the conventional open-type procedure with a number of larger incisions required in the abdomen or it can be performed using minimally invasive methods such as with a laparoscope. Nowadays most surgeons, and patients alike, prefer the minimally invasive method of laparoscopic mini gastric bypass (LMGB) as it is more advantageous. The surgery begins with the surgeon administering general anesthesia and making very small (keyhole) incisions in the abdominal region. These small incisions are used to insert a thin and tube-like flexible surgical apparatus called a laparoscope into the abdominal cavity. This laparoscope mainly has a cold-light source and a video camera attached to its end that helps the surgeon to get a live visual feed of the operation area. The surgeon will then use similar tube-like devices, attached with tiny surgical instruments, to cut the major portion of the stomach along the outer border and create a smaller tube-like pouch of the stomach. After isolating the larger portion of the stomach the surgeon will then attach the lower end of the stomach around 6 feet lower-than-normal along the small intestine. The reduction of the stomach into a smaller pouch reduces the food intake while the re-routing of the lower end of the stomach to bypass most of the small intestine further helps by lessening the amount of nutrient absorption by the small intestine and thus reduces the production of excessive calories as well. This surgical procedure is one of the simpler yet more effective ways to help treat morbid obesity with a higher success rate as compared to other surgical weight-loss procedures.

Who is a candidate for a Mini Gastric Bypass surgery?

An ideal candidate mainly should be considerably healthy, apart from the obesity, as to undergo a surgery of this kind. Apart from an extensive screening test, regarding your physical well-being,  your surgeon/doctor will also check your medical history to determine if you are fit to undergo the surgery. Commonly, a mini gastric bypass surgery is considered an ideal procedure for you if:
  • Other non-surgical weight-loss methods have been unsuccessful
  • You are extremely obese with a BMI of 40 or higher
  • You are severely obese (BMI of 35) and suffer from obesity-related disorders

Benefits of Mini Gastric Bypass surgery in Goa

Mini gastric bypass surgeries, like any other surgery, are most successful when performed by an experienced and well-trained surgeon. The doctors and surgeons at the select hospitals and clinics in Goa are most experienced and extensively-trained in managing successful mini gastric bypass surgeries as well as other bariatric procedures. These hospitals are well-organized with all modern facilities. Goa offers the perfectly relaxed and rejuvenating atmosphere that you might require to recover smoothly from the mini gastric bypass surgery.

Complications of Mini Gastric Bypass surgery

As seen in any major surgical procedure the mini gastric bypass surgery also faces certain risks and complications, such as:
  • Infection
  • Internal bleeding (hemorrhaging)
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Abscesses
  • Abdominal hernia
  • Bile reflux gastritis
  • Esophagitis
  • Mal-absorption
  • Stenosis
  • Peritonitis
The doctor/surgeon will take every possible precaution and preventive measures possible to avoid any type of risk or complications from arising out of a mini gastric bypass surgery.

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