Parotidectomy: Best Treatment for Neoplasm

Parotidectomy – Overview

Parotidectomy is the surgical procedure that involves removal of the parotid gland in order to treat a case of neoplasms, which are abnormally grown cells in the parotid gland. The parotid glands are situated just below the ears, inside the neck in a pair, on each side. These are the largest and most major salivary glands in the body. A salivary duct which produces and releases the saliva runs through the each gland in the side of each cheek. The neoplasm (tumor) affecting the parotid gland is mostly benign (non-cancerous) in nature, however a small portion of the cancers can be malignant (cancerous) and can spread to affect the surrounding tissue.

Need for Parotidectomy

You are in need of a parotidectomy when the parotid glands show an abnormal (tumor) growth and removing the parotid gland is the only treatment option. Although the exact cause for a malignant parotid gland tumor is not known, there are certain conditions that are known to increase the risk of developing parotid gland cancer, such as:
  • Metastasis (spread) of cancer from other part of the body
  • Work exposure to certain substances and chemicals
  • Decreased immunity
  • HIV
  • Radiation exposure
The noticeable signs and symptoms of a parotid gland tumor include:
  • Noticeable painless growth in the neck below the ears
  • Parotid abscess (accumulation of pus)
  • Mineral deposits in the cheek region
  • Long-term inflammation (swelling)
  • Excessive salivation 
Parotidectomy procedure: There are various approaches that might be used to perform a parotidectomy procedure and the main factor that decides the type of treatment depends on the type of case. In spite of the various approaches employed to perform it, the main aims of a parotidectomy procedure are:
  • Dissecting specific nerves and retaining remaining ones perfectly
  • A portion of the gland to be excised
The best suitable treatment for your individual case will be suggested by the doctor/otalaryngologist and will be based on preserving maximum of the facial nerves and avoid the resultant diseases. These are some of the commonly performed methods of partidectomy procedure: Superficial/lateral parotidectomy – This method involves removing all the portion of the gland that are near the surface or are on the side of the facial nerve. Another variation of this procedure is the Partial Superficial Parotidectomy, which requires removing only the portion around the neoplasm (tumor) in the gland and involves removing some of the facial nerves. A Formal Superficial Parotidectomy involves removing the temporofacial and cervicofacial nerves only. Total Parotidectomy – This is a surgical procedure mostly used in case the cancer (tumor) has affected the deeper parts of the parotid gland. This procedure involves removal of all the affected portions of the gland. The surgeon will attempt to remove the gland without affecting the main facial nerves apart from the branches connecting it. This procedure is now performed using the minimally invasive ‘transcervical approach’ through a small incision in the neck. Radical Parotidectomy – This surgery requires removing the parotid gland along with the facial nerves when the neoplasm (tumor) in impinging on the facial nerve.

Possible Complications of Parotidectomy

Certain complications may arise in rare cases after a parotidectomy, such as:
  • Nerve dysfunction
  • Frey’s syndrome (abnormal sweating near the glands)
  • Salivation from wound
  • Numbness
  • Asymmetric face
  • Skin begins to die (necrosis) near the incision
  • Recurring of tumor
The doctor/surgeon will take every possible preventive measure to avoid such a situation from arising. A parotidectomy is considered the most ideal form of surgical treatment for tumors growing in the parotid gland and is performed by experienced and well-trained surgeons or otolaryngologist.

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