Step-By-Step Guide

Go through this Step By Step guide in order to derive maximum benefits offered by the Travcure website.

Step 1

Browse through the site then go through the details. Familiarize with the treatments offered along with the surgical procedures. Go through the panel of doctors on board. Also look into the Alternative & Rejuvenation packages Travcure has to offer.

Step 2

Identify the treatment / surgical procedure or combinations suitable for your ailment. Shortlist, requisite consultants & treatment centers offering you the chosen procedures.

Step 3

Send us your complete enquiry along with any basic questions & concerns you have about medical treatments.

Step 4

We will evaluate your basic questions & concerns along with terms of procedures for treatments & revert back to you with answers thereafter. We can also give you an estimate of the costs for the procedures you want. A list of test reports & associated data required for the chosen treatment will be sent to you as the next step forward.

Step 5

Once you provide us with reports & associated data we will set up email consultation process with concerned specialist. You can ask him as many questions as you like regarding your treatment & he/she will make sure to acquaint & convince you about the procedure.

Step 6

At the end of consultation, if the specialist confirms that your case is suitable for the treatment / surgical procedure, a final estimate will be conveyed to you based on his/her personal evaluation.

Step 7

In-between your first consultation to the time you arrive in India for your surgical procedure, we urge you ask as many questions as you like with your surgeon. We want you to make an informed decision regarding your surgical procedure. Travcure service offers that you directly reach your surgeon on telephone or through email.

Step 8

After you have discussed alternative treatments & asked as many questions of your surgeon & agreed to the desired outcome having fully understood the risks involved, we will ask you to make a non-refundable Registration deposit as provisional booking in case you want to go ahead with the treatment procedure. Pre-procedure appointments for consultation with doctor & arrangements to receive you at airport along with stay & other arrangements will thereby be fixed. The approximate registration amount to be deposited at this stage is about 30% of the quoted treatment cost.

Step 9

We expect your travel dates & flight details to be conveyed to us at least two weeks prior to your date of arrival.

Step 10

After receiving your travel details, we will forward your confirmed treatment booking along with pre & post operative instructions. A detailed itinerary of your medical appointments, surgery, recuperation & accommodations will also be provided alongside an Indian holiday tour in case you opt to have one.

Step 11

Our Travcure representative will welcome you at the International Airport & escort you to the hotel / serviced apartment where you may comfortably relax.

Step 12

You & your companion will be transported for your pre-operative medical appointment with surgeon on the following day. Only after successful completion of pre-operative appointment are you eligible for surgical / treatment procedure.

Confirmation by the surgeon & your conviction of the decision to go ahead with procedure as planned is obligatory for you to make the balance of payment at this stage. Surgery will only be scheduled thereafter.

If your surgeon feels that surgery should not proceed as scheduled for medical reasons, or you decide to step back, the scheduled surgery will eventually be cancelled.

Step 13

If you have opted to take the India holiday tour or an Alternative or Rejuvenation package prior to treatment / surgical procedure, you will proceed with a holiday tour. Or else you will now be admitted to clinic / hospital for continuation of medical procedure. In both cases our representative will accompany you either to the clinic / hospital or to the airport.

Step 14

You are more likely to feel like a new person who is fresh & full & energetic at the end of your medical treatment & recuperation. You can now choose to head back home or take an Indian tour vacation. Regardless of your decision to visit exotic locations within the Indian subcontinent before or after your medical treatment, we are convinced that you would savor & cherish this healthcare journey as memorable experience for a lifetime.

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