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At Travcure we take care of every patient’s need. Here are some stories...

To ensure the security of our patient’s information, the details have been altered.

Amanda Pugh

United States


Hello, I am Amanda. Today, I am happy to not only be healthy again, but also living a full life; something I would have never thought possible before meeting Travcure...

Adler Drake

United Kingdom

I became aware of my prostate cancer in early part of 2015. I wanted the best treatment I could find. Online research indicated the name of Travcure Medical Tourism. I contacted Travcure on a Friday afternoon to discuss my diagnosis. Once I...

Ayodele Okotie-Eboh

Abuja, Nigeria

Leukemia Cancer

I was scared to death when I was diagnosed with leukemia. Despite many treatments, there was no improvement. I gave a call to Travcure & the way they guided me boosted my inner confidence. Travcure...

Michael Brian

United Kingdom

ACL tear (sports injuries)

I am Michael, 28 years old & I injured myself 6 months back during a baseball match. MRI reports had shown tear in my ACL. I had contacted many orthopedic surgeons in United Kingdom but did not get any...

Akim Makaidi


Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Hi, I am Akim from Uganda. I am proud to say that I am 66 years old & healthy, thanks to Travcure. I have been battling heart diseases for three years. I wish that I had found Travcure sooner. Going to India has...

Titus Kawawa


Brain Tumor Surgery

Hello friends, I am Titus Kawawa from Tanzania. Nine months back, I was detected with brain tumour & my condition was worsening day-by-day. Out of stress from lack of medical support in my native land & through...

Emma Caine


Breast Cancer

I lost faith in everything the moment I found out I had breast cancer. But my lovable children gave me immense courage to fight & I started researching my best treatment options. When I saw the Travcure ...

Ms. Cynthia Clark


Cosmetic Surgery

I have been self-conscious about my facial appearance from the past few years due to the sagging skin and wrinkles so I decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery for my face. After a thorough research on the internet...

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