Lower Body Cosmetic Lift Surgery: What Are The Different Options?

Lower Body Lift Cosmetic Surgery in IndiaWhat is a Lower Body Lift procedure?

A lower body lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery that helps you regain an aesthetically appealing body shape by tightening the sagging skin caused by aging, considerable weight loss or a fluctuation in your weight. This procedure is useful to reconstruct you lower body region – consisting of the abdomen, hips, inner thighs, outer thighs, back of the thighs and buttocks – by removing excess fat deposits or the excessive skin which makes these area sag and induce uncomfortable feelings. A lower body lift not only acts to improve your physical appearance but also helps in boosting self confidence.

Am I a candidate for Lower Body Lift surgery?

You can be considered as an ideal candidate for a lower body lift procedure if:
  • The sagging skin in the lower body region makes you self-conscious or depressed.
  • The sagging skin in your lower body restricts mobility or hinders it in any way.
  • There are thin deposits of body fat in the buttock, abdomen, thigh and hip areas.
  • You have experienced a remarkable and swift weight-loss due to a weight-loss surgery or dieting.
  • You have sagging abdominal or posterior region skin as a result of pregnancy or aging.

What are the risks and benefits of a Lower Body Lift surgery?

These are some of the risks that you may face after lower body lift surgical procedure:
  • The recovery time period is somewhat longer.
  • It is not an outpatient procedure and may require 2-3 days of hospitalization for observation and proper nursing.
  • It leaves a thin scar around the bikini line.
The benefits of lower body lift surgery are however more as compared to the chances of complications, such as:
  • Sagging skin that causes chaffing or irritation and acts as a hindrance in mobility will be removed.
  • Self-confidence will get a boost with a new and lighter feeling in the body.
  • Excessive skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened to display the natural body contours in a better manner.

How is a Lower Body Lift procedure performed?

The basic idea behind a lower body lift procedure is to remove the sagging skin from around the hips, abdomen, thighs and buttocks as well as to tighten the remaining skin in these areas to give a definite and refined shape and contour to your lower body. [free_quotes_and_consultation] These are the basic steps that involve a lower body lift surgical procedure:
  • An incision is made around the torso running the length of the circumference of the lower body.
  • The excessive skin and remaining fat is removed from this incision and the remaining skin is pulled taut in the abdominal, thigh and the buttock area.
  • The surgeon will tighten the skin and underlying tissues on your thighs and buttocks first and then move to tightening the skin on your abdominal region.
  • After the surgeon is satisfied that all excessive skin, fat deposits and the underlying tissues have been removed and the skin is pulled tight over the lower body region they will use sutures, tapes or skin adhesives to close the incision.

Are there different options for a Lower Body Lift procedure?

Depending on your individual case requirement the doctor will suggest any additional surgical procedures that may be necessary to improve your appearance. These are:

Lower Body Lift + Liposuction

Liposuction procedure extends the limit of the body contours that might be improved apart from the improvements seen through only lower body lift procedure. The surgeon will advise you after a detailed physical examination if this combination is feasible for your individual case.

Inner Thigh Lift + Abdominoplasty

In case you do not require reshaping the abdominal region but require the other lower body parts to be refined the surgeon will likely suggest a lower body lift procedure combined with an inner thigh lift procedure.

How long will it take to recover completely after a Lower Body Lift surgery?

If you follow all the post-operative instructions diligently then the recovery period is shorter and the results are achieved in the manner as desired or expected. The slight discomfort due to the tightened skin usually dissipates after around a couple of weeks and the doctor will prescribe pain medications for that period of time. The sutures, or adhesive tapes, will be removed within 2 weeks after the surgery. The incision usually takes around minimum of 4 weeks to heal completely. Physical exercise has to be avoided for around 6-8 weeks after surgery and strenuous activities are to be avoided for at least 2-3 weeks post-operation. A lower body lift is a completely aesthetic enhancing surgical procedure that removes excessive and sagging skin from the abdominal, thigh, buttock and hip region to make your lower body look more appealing and attractive. This acts as a bonus for mobility as well as a booster for self confidence.
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