Top 3 Reasons Why India is the Best Place for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

It is undeniably true that ‘First impression is the last impression'. Humans desire to look attractive has been ecumenical ever since mankind can remember. People have been looking for the secret of youth & beauty throughout history and in all parts of the universe. Both women and men go through bountiful things to enhance beauty. Undoubtedly beauty also depends on one's socialization & culture. Progress in cosmetic surgery, like in most other medical inventions, has developed vastly for hundreds of years. It was not before the early nineteenth century that this pursuit forged ahead scientifically. Because of gruesome injuries often delivered on participants, the battlefield was the main driving force behind most reconstruction surgery developments during the early 1900s. As a matter of fact, it was war that launched reconstruction surgery into a higher realm.

New Beauty Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the restoration or correction of form & function. To be precise, it means redesigning the body's shape & contour. Famous for attaining aesthetic goals, cosmetic surgery includes various types of microsurgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery, and the treatment of burns. The word ‘cosmetic' derives from a Greek word meaning the technique of dressing or dolling up. As human beings have always sought out self-fulfillment through self-refinement, cosmetic surgery may be one of the world's primo solutions for this worldwide obsession.

Millions of cosmetic procedures are being performed in India, with the five most common surgeries including the following.

As with other areas of medicine & science, plastic surgery inventions are happening at break-neck speed. Rising standard of living is allowing an ever-growing number of women and men to get higher nose bridges and wider eyes. Improved looks are even seen as providing an edge in this high-pressure life, intense competition for education, jobs and also marriage partners are driving people to cosmetic procedures.

Best Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Benefits

As medical discoveries have boomed over the past few decades, plastic surgery has marked incredible advantages in both congenital deformities and reconstructing accidental injuries and in helping erase sags of encroaching age and wrinkles. Whether it is fixing a part of the body or enhancing normal features of the body to make it even more aesthetically pleasing, the goal of the plastic surgeon is to aid patients to feel & look good about the way they look. Cosmetic surgery overall has seen a marvelous growth in popularity. These days women & men discuss having facelifts, tummy tucks, and nose jobs as if it was normal activity. Best benefits of cosmetic surgeries include the following:

  • With breast augmentation, women get the added perk of correcting posture as they venture to stand up straight to support the new breasts.
  • With breast reduction, people may be aiming to enhance their appearance, but they will also benefit from having lighter weight on the back, correcting back problems & easing back pain.
  • Liposuction also has added benefits beyond better appearance. For one thing, individuals who weigh less have a lesser risk of heart conditions. Individuals also find it easier to keep weight off and remain physically fit after undergoing liposuction.
  • In addition to these benefits, cosmetic surgery increases self-confidence and thus people will also enjoy a boost in social life.

Prominence of Medical Tourism in India for Cosmetic Surgery

When individuals travel outside mainstream environments, they often seek healthcare services & which is often referred to as medical travel. Upon arrival, such an individual is labeled as a medical tourist, and these activities which include utilization of health services by medical tourists including absolute or obscure, cultural exposure, site-seeing or hospitality is known as medical tourism. Most international patients travel to access medical services that are otherwise unavailable due to long waiting lists, high costs, or limited medical provisions in their land of origin. Health tourism for cosmetic surgery is on a rise in India. It is being respected as one of the most trustworthy & attractive destinations for medical tourism.

Three key driving factors which increase the popularity of Medical Tourism in India include the following:

  • Quality of Care

    This is the most significant factor, both technology and international standards of healthcare. Prime hospitals and medical facilities in India feature latest technology & equipment, which is at par with healthcare provisions available in the developed world. With growth in Medical Tourism in India, more and more hospitals are now investing money to facilitate high quality of care to international guests.
  • Low Prices

    Competition in the medical industry is not operating on legitimate objectives. The primary focus should be on providing care to poverty-stricken patients, not to gain economy of other nations or build the tourism sector from sick & needy patients. Moreover, the rate of medical treatment in developed nations is extremely high. Therefore, first and foremost, cost is the driving factor for medical tourism in India. Cost savings in India are immense and cosmetic surgery starts from $1,000 onwards. Medical tourists can save up to 50 - 85% on treatment cost by undergoing treatment done in India.
  • Easy Travel

    Medical facilitators in India actively attract overseas patients and they have not involved in the medical procedure itself but are responsible for all patient logistics from their arrival to departure from India. Travcure Medical Tourism is a leading medical service provider in India that enables international patients' access world-class medical care at a fraction of the cost of domestic care available in their homeland. Medical packages of Travcure include all costs associated with healthcare, accommodation & practical assistance from a representative.

Due to a cherished beautiful history, culture and increased popularization of quality treatments more & more international patients are flocking to India for physical and mental peace.

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